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Extension Methods

Fushion Bonding

Fusion bonding is the most widely used and long-lasting method that won't damage your natural hair.

The bonding resin that we use is Italian Keratin based, which is a natural protein that won't break the hair shaft. It is gentle to your hair and easily removable unlike lots of other types of adhesives which tend to be silicon based. Silicon glue is difficult to remove and can damage your natural hair.

This is why hair extensions get a bad reputation! You can straighten, curl and brush your hair extensions as you would your own hair and we can add colour blends to create high/low-lights. This method will give you tiny bonds, you will get maximum volume, thickness and free movement. Depending on your natural hair re-growth, your extensions should last up to 3-5 months, perhaps even longer if well looked after. This method is ideal for holidays in hot countries as it is highly secure.

Micro Rings

Micro ring extensions are generally considered as being the safest strand-by-strand extension method . There is no glue, sewing or braiding involved so this means that there is no damage to your natural hair.

This method attaches strands of extensions hair to your own hair by use of a small ring, known as a micro ring. The rings are clamped in place and provide a secure bond that can withstand vigorous activity! Micro rings are comfortable to wear they allow you to use straighteners colour your hair and you can blow dry your hair with them in. The rings come in different colours to match your hair and are coated with silicon for extra comfort. This method is easy to apply and remove. Unlike the traditional glue method, when professionally applied and removed, micro rings and micro tubes cause no damage to your own hair, which means you can continue to grow your hair whilst wearing your extensions. . The method is long lasting and your same hair can be reused as well as the micro rings.

We also use 3mm micro rings as used by the Easy locks system.

Nano rings

Nano Rings are the the most advanced and newest hair extension system.

Providing the smallest most undetected bond on the market

using exactly the same application method as the micro rings but up to 90% smaller.

This is the world’s smallest micro ring hair extension system designed to provide maximum camouflage.

Nano rings are a break through for those with very fine or short hair, suitable for any hair length or thickness.  The Nano Rings can also be applied in the crown top for added volume around the fringe area and along side the front as they are so small they lie flat and discreet naked to the eye in those area which before could not have had extensions in. They are also available in all colours to match your hair even though they are much smaller they don't compromise on the amount of hair which can go in to a strand they can be used on a 0.8 to 1g strand of hair and will last just as long.

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